tommy's bio


Tommy's Bio

Tommy Gunn Bio

July 1st, 2017

Tom O'Riley (TommyGunn) Is a native of Watertown, N.Y., and has spent years in the local music scene as well as playing nationally & internationally. Tom's Musical Background includes working with several well-known groups in Central & Upstate N.Y. area including The Upbeats, Nuclear Accidents, The Shadows, 1.4.5. and since 2000 has had a solo career with his group Tommy Gunn. In 1998 Tom was hired to tour for 3 weeks in France &  Spain then returned a few months later and kept a duel residency in Spain and
New York for the following 10 Years. Releasing his first Solo Cd Endangered Species on Tomahawk/Ventilador Label & touring from France to Switzerland and throughout Spain in support of the CD. In 2003 Tom released his second Cd (Alien Moon) in Europe and again followed with a limited tour and Television appearance on Spanish national television as well as creating video and a live CD recorded at the Bikini in Barcelona. Tom also was involved in bringing several international Kayak Events to Watertown including US team Trials, North American Championships & World Cup Events During the Early 2000"s. At this time Tom has lived exclusively in New York State since 2008 and has spent time developing an identifiable sound musically that has resulted in the soon to be released CD "Talk of the Town" and a following that is both local and international. Tom records in Boston with Grammy winning Engineer and Drummer Ducky Carlisle at Ice Station Zebra Studio Currently Tom will be playing several events this Summer and will be featuring original music with a combination of musicians including Grammy winning Sax player Amadee Castenell for several shows. Tom is involved in the Upstate Musician group and is looking forward to working with local Musicians to promote live Music and support thru our musical abilities with events and participation in community functions. Look for his Music on Youtube "Alien Moon" "Endangered Species" and soon to be released " Talk of the Town". O’Riley, T. (2017). "Upstate Musicians" "Musician of the Month" July, 2017"